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Occupational Health

Fishermen's zone

Accidents, Slips, Trips and Falls.

First aid teatment and R.I.C.E  Rest Ice Compression and Elevation.
Obviously in a serious injury referral may well be advised but in general get things moving and back to normal as soon as possible. A visit to your physiotherapist will get you moving and pain free faster.


Progressive repetitive and postural injuries

Usually affects the wrists or elbow. This can be a major set back in a particularly busy trip but often rest and anti-inflammatory treatments will help initially. A resting splint for the wrist may be of help but may be difficult to use with gloves.

Often back and neck injuries are caused from the longstanding positions and the repeated movements that are associated with activities at sea. They are then worsened by going in to rest in a slouched position.

It is important to counteract these prolonged or repeated positions both before, while and after being on deck 


Manual Handling

Keep to safe Handling techniques with your feet in a stable position, the load close to you, and the weight within your own level of ability. if there is an easier way to manage something and time allows you to manage it a different way then go for the safe option.

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