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Our Pool

Our purpose built, 6m X 3m, Hydrotherapy pool is open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday & 9am - 12pm on Saturday and 

by special arrangement at other times.

Our pool is a salt water chlorinator pool, with the temperature being maintained at 34C. The salt water increases your bouyancy which can both help facilitate and resist exercises making your session more benifitial.

The pool can be accessed with a physiotherapist here as part of your treatment or by yourself to perform your own exercises.

Please book in advance to get the time best for you. 


We also hold pool based exercise classes such as Aqua Ballet and Aquaducks on Thursday

 and NOW presenting Ai Chi on a Tuesday at 5.00pm

AquaBallet and AquaFit are toning and strengthening based classses based around classical and pop music. to make you feel relaxed and renewed.

AquaDucks is a gentle exercise classes aimed at keeping you mobile and reduce any aches and pains.

The weekly MS Hydro group enjoy a physio led session Tuesdays at 12:00.

Ai Chi is a gentle form of movement and balance to gentle music. Tuesday and Friday at 5.30

For more information on all of our pool sessions give us a call or pop in and talk to one of the clinic staff.



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