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Stroke Advice and Support 

One benefit of coming to see a neurological physiotherapist is that you have access to a qualified professional, who always has time to answer your questions, and to provide reassurance and guidance.

Recovering from a stroke can be a long and challenging journey, and we can help keep you focused on your long-term goals

 Long-term Stroke Treatment

There’s a common belief that most improvement happens within 6 months of a stroke, and that further progress becomes significantly less possible after 6 months. BUT significant improvements can continue to occur, occasionally, several years post-stroke.

Progress after a stroke doesn’t come easily and always requires hard work and commitment, so it’s important not to give false hope.

Our approach is very much hands on with the physiotherapist helping to manage movements lost, or the ability to do on ones own – To re-educate the brain about how to achieve movement; activating muscles, and re-aligning muscles and joints by physically moving the patient’s body.
It can be hard work both for the client and the physiotherapist but, by re-educating the brain and the body through actual movement, progress in rehabilitation can be achieved.

Why Stroke Treatments Work

For a long time, scientists used to be believe that the brain was a fixed structure and that it couldn’t change much over time.
However, the amazing developments in neuroscience over the past few years have shown that the brain is a much more fluid and flexible structure than we previously believed. NEUROPLASTICITY, means that previously unused circuits  can be brought into use, and that new connections can be formed within the brain.
This explains how the brain can re-organise itself to recover at least some of the movement abilities that are lost after a stroke.

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