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Balance & Leg Strengthening Class

A circuit class of exercise helping to increase the strength of your leg and core muscles helping to reduce the risk of falling and also maintain or improve your overall fitness.

Monday 10.30am   Tuesday 11am   Wednesday 11.30

Aqua Circuits 

A circuit class of exercises in the Hydrotherapy pool aiming to improve your overal fitness. The water supports your body meaning you can do exercises that would be difficult for you to achive on land.

Monday 9am

Ai Chi Class

The controlled breathing and slow broad movements of tai chi in the warm water helps to improve balance, strength and coordination. The support of the water and gentle music will leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

Tuesday 5.00pm

Hip & Knees Class

This class is ideal for eveyone who has arthritis, pain, loss of strength, a hip/knee replacement coming up or has recently had one, or you just want to get fitter and stronger legs!

Thursday 11am

Back Care Class

This class aims to improve your fexlibilty and core strength to keep your back healthy. This 50 minute class will help to reduce your risk of injuring your back during your daily routine. The simple exercises can be followed at home. 

Thursdays 3.30pm 

To book your place, please send an email or call us on 01736 366224

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