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A Pain In The Bum!

We know from our myth buster post on Monday that not all buttock pain is down to tight glutes. This blog will explore a variety of potential causes in more detail. 

Buttock pain is a very common presentation to our clinic & it is very common to hear people say that they have ‘tight glutes’. Granted, spasm in the gluteal (buttock) muscles is common & we achieve lots of pain reduction or resolution with soft tissue massage techniques to this region. However, the following question is the key: 

Is the gluteal spasm the cause or effect of the problem? 

I.e. many problems can manifest as gluteal spasm, but the cause may be elsewhere. The key to achieving a long-term resolution of your problem is to work out what the cause is, with the following (non-exhaustive) list highlighting the most common possibilities: 

- Referral from the lumbar spine 

- Hip joint pathology 

- Sacro-iliac joint (SIJ) dysfunction  

- Gluteal tendinopathy 

- Pudendal neuralgia 

- Ischial bursitis 

The MSK Physiotherapists at Harbourside will do a thorough assessment taking into account all of the above when you present here with a ‘pain in the bum’! Your treatment will be based on what we find… 

Contact Harbourside Physiotherapy today to get yourself booked in for an assessment.

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