Harbourside Physiotherapy helps patients in the Newlyn and West Cornwall area to achieve optimal health and mobility.

Our Treatment includes Musculoskeletal & Neurological Physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, Sports Injury rehabilitation, Massage (Sports, Remedial & Thai foot). We also run various classes in our rehabilitation gym & hydrotherapy pool.

Patient Education is viewed with the utmost importance so that you fully understand your rehabilitation process, and can make the training and lifestyle changes required for optimal recovery and prevention of further injury.



With a thorough understanding of anatomy & physiology, Physiotherapist are able to understand the causes of pain & how best to treat it. Musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy is the treatment of a wide range of injuries, disorders and diseases that affect joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons & nerves. Examples of which include back & neck pain, joint pain, headaches, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, sports injuries, complex pain conditions such as arthritis and problems after some surgical procedures.
An initial consultation at Harbourside Physiotherapy will include a detailed analysis of movement followed by specific testing of the structures that may be involved. Following this assessment the Physiotherapist will explain to you the causes of your pain before discussing how best to manage the problem.
Our MSK Physio’s utilise a variety of manual techniques & exercise prescription, plus signposting to any other area relevant methods of help & support in an effort to resolve the issue in as timely a manner as possible

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Hydrotherapy is physiotherapy practiced in warm water utilising the unique properties of the water specifically for an individual to maximise function, which can be physical, physiological or psychological.
Our purpose built, 6m x 3m, salt water chlorinator pool salt is maintained at 34 degrees, giving an immediate feeling of relaxation & pain relief as you get in. The salt water increases your buoyancy, reducing stress on joints and allowing freedom of movement.
Our pool can be used by clients with musculoskeletal & neurological problems, bringing a huge sense of achievement & independence in enabling functional tasks & activities not achievable on land. Other benefits include relief of pain & muscle spasm, strengthening, improving circulation, posture & balance, normalising muscle tone & relaxation.
The pool can be accessed with a physiotherapist here as part of your treatment or by yourself to perform your own exercises.



Massage Therapy is a manual technique that promotes healing and relieves muscle tension. Massage has many benefits, best known for relieving muscle tightness which can directly give you pain relief but also relaxes the muscle, allowing the muscle to activate at full function which reduces the risk of injury elsewhere. Another benefit of massage is increasing the blood flow, promoting removal of toxins and helping redirect any swelling to the lymph nodes, by relaxing the nervous system it also relieves stress and promotes a better night’s sleep.



Thai foot massage (Thai reflexology) is an amazing treatment that relaxes and energises the whole body with a form of light acupressure and massage across the legs and feet. Stimulation points in the feet are associated with internal organs and can enhance overall body health. There are so many more benefits to having a Thai foot massage, such as reducing swelling and stiffness, stress relief and boosting the immune system. We often forget to give our feet the attention they deserve.





Our balance & lower limb strengthening class is held in our rehabilitation gym & run by our Sports & rehabilitation therapist, Jo. We operate a circuit based class in a very safe environment to challenge & therefore improve balance & strength. Our clients report greatly improved confidence from attending this class, having fun as well, enjoying some light hearted competition on the WiiFit machine!

We currently run this class on a Monday Wednesday & Thursday morning.



Our hydrotherapy pool provides the ideal opportunity for a general strengthening & cardiovascular fitness class in water. With the warmth & buoyancy of the water, our clients can achieve a greater level of pain free exercise in a friendly group atmosphere.

Our Sports & rehab therapist, Jo, runs this class on a Monday & Thursday Morning and Wednesday Afternoon.


Appointment Fees


Initial Assessment

Assessment and treatment


Follow up / Treatment Session

Treatment session 


Hydrotherapy Assessment

Initial Assessment and Treatment in our hydrotherapy pool.



Base Rate of a Domiciliary visit. additional costs dependent on length of appointment and distance travelled



Base rate for massage. Additional cost for longer session.


Private Pool Hire

1/2 Hour Private pool Hire


Pool Mixed

1/2 hour shared  pool session


Exercise Classes

Aqua Circuits, Balance and Leg Strengthening & Ai Chi 

Insurance Companies

Harbourside is registered with most health insurance companies. We are able to bill some insurance companies directly and these rates may vary according to the contract we have with them.

When making your appointment please inform us of your policy number and authorisation number.