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Can physiotherapy help if I have Osteoarthritis?


In the UK approximately one in 10 adults have symptomatic clinically diagnosed Osteoarthritis with knee osteoarthritis being the most common.

Some of these people will need to have joint replacement surgery but there are lots of conservative options you can try before you consider surgery.

Physiotherapy is proven to be able to help individuals decrease their symptoms of pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis. Physiotherapy can also help slow down the degenerative process by improving strength in muscles around a joint, thereby reducing the wear and tear on the joint from everyday activities.

At Harbourside Physiotherapy we offer a complete service to help people with osteoarthritis:

  • Specialist assessment

  • Manual therapy to free up stiff joints and to stretch tight muscles and soft tissues

  • Tailored exercise programmes to suit individuals

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Small gym and pool-based exercise classes

  • Individualised advice and education

  • Fitting of Ossur knee braces

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For further advice, assessment & treatment, please contact us at Harbourside Physiotherapy.

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