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Strong Core Stability

Having a strong core is very important to support your spine, pelvis and shoulder girdles but this does not require you to do hundreds of sit ups or even lose weight to achieve this.

A strong core will help you reduce the chance of injuring your back and may help to reduce chronic back pain by providing a ‘corset’ of muscles to support your spine. A strong core will also help you generate more power from your arms and legs by giving you a stable base from which to use you bigger arm and leg muscles. This can improve your sporting performance and functional ability – whether your goal is to have a better golf swing, run faster or manage jobs in the garden more comfortably.

Your core is made up of a group of muscles in your abdomen, pelvis and back. To improve your core strength you need to do a mixture of exercises to target the right muscles. This can include Pilates and gym ball work as well as core stability exercises.

The physios and rehab therapist at the Harbourside Physiotherapy Clinic in Newlyn can tailor make a core stability programme for you based on your current level of strength, any injuries you have and what you want to achieve.

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