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Exercise doesn't make your Fibromyalgia worse

Often people with fibromyalgia associate exercise with making their pain worse or flaring symptoms. Did you know exercise has the largest evidence base for managing fibromyalgia and turning the volume of pain down.... that’s right!

Exercise needs to be introduced in a graded way, at the correct level for you. It also needs to occur as part of a wider management approach where you address the other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia such as stress, poor sleep, fatigue etc. What we do not want to do is ‘shock’ the nervous system with a sudden increase in activity, as typically we see a protective response where pain increases when we do this.

If we can reinforce safety in movement, address potential barriers to activity and exercise, while gradually exposing the body to more movement in the right way, exercise capacity will increase as confidence, pain thresholds and nervous system resilience increases. We also see a change hormonally and chemically within our bodies simultaneously!

Our bodies are wonderfully adaptable. But, just like growing a plant or flower, if you plant the seed without the correct combination of nutrients, and without continuing to deliver these, it will not grow!

We are starting a 'fibromyalgia management programme'. Why not give us a call to find out more?! You are one step away from better management!

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