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How can I fix painful exercise without stopping exercising?

Keep it simple with these 3 steps:

  1. Deload! Reduce the load or intensity of the exercise. You can consider stopping or changing the exercise for something else until the pain reduces if you need to.

  2. Reload! In a graded way, progressively reload the exercise and its intensity back up to as baseline, listening to your body. No more than 10% per week.

  3. Overload! Continue to gradually build the capacity of the exercise over time to reduce the risk of reoccurrence. No more than 10% per week.

When something hurts during exercise, we may choose to stop the exercise and consider it to be ‘bad for us’. Or some people may look for a ‘quick fix’ to help. Exercises that hurt, need some time to settle and to be reintroduced in a graded way. It can take a longer than we think to settle down! Quick fixes, such as massage or manual techniques may reduce symptoms temporarily, but do not change the root cause. These adjuncts can be great for giving a window of relief, providing they are being used alongside retraining the tissues. If being used in isolation, it may be worth rethinking where/who you get your advice from!

Get in touch, our Specialist Physiotherapists can guide you through rehabilitating those painful exercises and rule out any other causes for your pain.

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