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Menopause, is it time to pause or…?

Today is international women’s day. A day to celebrate, and look back on how far we have come and what it has taken to get here. Despite so many amazing women’s efforts, there are still battles to overcome in the name of womanhood.

Menopause is something that everyone has experience of, whether it’s you, your mother or someone close to you. 49.6% of the population are women, yet we still have limited research and support for those going through this confusing time.

In recent months I have heard stories from various women discussing the dismissive nature of health care providers in terms of menopause, and the support offered to them. This leaves them isolated and confused about their symptoms when menopause should be a wonderful and exciting time!

Women can start perimenopause as early as their 30s and spend the rest of their life moving through the different stages. Whether you have been given support from your GP or not, it is good to talk to others about your symptoms and thoughts at any age. Finding a group of like minded people can make the difference between a happy transition or a daunting future.

Did you know? From perimenopause onwards our hormones will never stop declining. Meaning you can suffer from menopause symptoms into your 90s.

When a hormone like oestrogen declines it leaves you with reduced bone density and a higher risk of osteoporosis!

To prevent this, strengthening exercises that include all major muscle groups are essential. The NHS recommends 2 strengthening sessions per week as well as 150 minutes of aerobic exercise. As well as bone health, exercise and education can help with; heart health, mood, vascular symptoms, weight gain, brain fog, mental health and more.

I have completed accredited courses, and made further research into menopause in order to create an informative and enjoyable exercise class to help with all stages of menopause. I have found some wonderful support groups and organisations along the way, such as ‘iCareiMove’ that help to support women in all aspects of life. Join me as I continue to learn and expand my knowledge into menopause.

This is time to take back your health and look after your body. A life changing incredible milestone should not be tainted with isolation and confusion. If you’re ready to find out more about how your body works... make that decision today, in the name of all the wonderful women that got us to this point.

Contact Harbourside Physiotherapy to talk to me or get booked onto our menopause specific strengthening class today!

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