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Rehabilitation following a stroke

We know from our ‘Myth Buster’ post on Monday that Physiotherapy rehabilitation is a vital part of your recovery post-stroke. 

The National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE) has recently updated its guidance on stroke rehabilitation in adults ( It reinforces the life-changing impact of rehabilitation in a patient’s journey, of which Physiotherapy plays a key role. ‘People who have had a stroke and who have continuing impairment or limitations on their activities should be offered additional rehabilitation to help them recover’. 

The guidelines recommend ‘needs-based rehabilitation for at least 3 hours a day on at least 5 days of the week, covering a range of multidisciplinary therapy including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech & language therapy’. This refers to the acute stages, in hospital & for several months after discharge. 

With a huge funding boost to NHS stroke care services in Cornwall recently, inpatient & early community rehab at home provides a very good level of rehabilitation. However, our 2 specialist neurological physiotherapists routinely work alongside the NHS therapists to provide further intensive rehabilitation as desired. 

Criticism of the guidelines centres around a lack of expansion on the community (at home) aspect, to emphasise that rehabilitation should be ongoing indefinitely.  

This is where Harbourside can really help you…  

Ongoing Physiotherapy after your NHS provision has finished is vital to give you the best chance of reaching & maintaining your rehab potential post-stroke. Access to the hydrotherapy pool, rehabilitation gym, 1:1 rehab packages & a variety of exercises classes could really make the difference to how much recovery you achieve following your stroke. 

Contact Harbourside Physiotherapy today to get yourself booked in for a Neurological Physiotherapy assessment at home or in clinic. Debbie or Emma (Click Here for Bios) can also discuss things over the phone or via a remote consultation in the first instance if that is more preferable. 

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