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Should I exercise if I am falling?

The common perception here is that the answer is no due to the notion that less exercise is surely less risk. We know from our myth buster on Monday, that this isn’t the case. 

How big a problem is this though? 

With around 1/3 of community dwelling people over 65 falling each year, analysing interventions that might reduce falls risk is of huge importance. 

A recent meta-analysis in 2019 reviewed 108 trials assessing the effects of exercise interventions for preventing falls in older people living in the community. 

And what did they find? 

Exercise programmes were found to reduce the rate of falls & the number of people experiencing falls. These programmes included balance & functional exercises, resistance exercise & Thai Chi. 

The good news… 

Harbourside Physiotherapy runs classes that involve all of these components of exercise that were found to be so beneficial! 

Want to know more? 

Contact Harbourside Physiotherapy today to get yourself booked in for an assessment.

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