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Tendons don’t like Change!

With the start of the new-year, the pilgrimage to the gym & desire to want to exercise will undoubtedly begin! This is in so many ways such a good thing, with Physiotherapists eternally trying to engage people in regular physical activity for maintenance of general health & the prevention of injuries. However, please remember that the body, particularly tendons, doesn’t like sudden changes! 

Tendons react to the loads applied to them. 

Tendinopathy, the term used to describe the pain, swelling & impaired performance in & around the tendon, can occur when there is a sudden change in this load. Doing too little isn’t the right answer because the tendons can get under-loaded, but doing too much can overload a tendon. This can cause a reactive tendinopathy, tendon disrepair & eventual degenerative tendinopathy (‘the tendon continuum’, Cook & Purdum). 

So what is the answer then? 

Essentially, tendons will react well to gradual changes in load. Start exercising in this new-year, but do it in a slowly progressive, controlled way with plenty of opportunity for rest in between activity. If you want any further advice on this, then book in to see one of our Physiotherapists or Sports Therapist today & we can advise further. If you have already made the mistake of overloading a tendon by overdoing it in the gym already, then we can get you back on the road to recovery. 

So in conclusion, it’s great that you want to start exercising, but do it in the right way! Avoid sudden changes in exercise if you want to avoid injury. 

Remember, exercise is for life, not just the first few weeks of the new year!  

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