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What does my tissue healing/recovery process look like after injury?

A question we get asked a lot & a really important subject to discuss. We know from our Myth Buster blog on Monday, that tissue healing is not a simple, uniform & linear process, but a complex process with lots of twists & turns. We will discuss the mechanics of tissue healing itself in another blog at a later stage, but here we discuss the principal.

Credit to Adam Meakins (aka ‘the Sports Physio’) on Twitter for this great infographic to display this. The common misconception is that once on the path to recovery, you will get gradually better as each day goes by. The reality is that some days you will feel great progress, but others you will feel like you have gone backwards, sometimes right back to square one. As long as there is an overall trend towards getting better, that is what we are looking for. Clients will often panic if there is any worsening. I often describe this as a ‘blip’ in their recovery & reassure they will likely get back on track in a few days. I advise a return to some of the early injury principles (see previous blog on injury management – Here) & active rest to facilitate things settling down again.

It is actually very rare to go through a recovery process without this happening. So rest assured, you are not alone if things don’t go entirely to plan (at least the plan you had in your head!). It is all part of the complex process that goes on in the wonderful machine that is the human body.

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