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You don’t need to be able to swim to use our hydrotherapy pool

Following on from our ‘Myth Buster’ blog post on Monday, we know that you don’t have to be able to swim to be able to use our hydrotherapy pool.

Our 34 degree salt water chlorinated pool is only 1.25m deep, so you will typically be able to stand up in it. The idea of hydrotherapy is exercising in water – specifically or generally, rather than swimming. Whilst being confident in the water may enable you to undertake a wider range of exercises, it is not a prerequisite & there is still a huge amount of benefit to getting in the pool.

There are several ways you can use our pool. This can be Physio-led or independently. Many people use the pool to do their own exercises, have some time out & relax, or to have some fun with their family. All you need to do is contact us & book into the pool. This can be a ‘private hire’ or a ‘mixed session’ – 3-4 people sharing the pool & doing their own exercises – both for 30/60 minutes.

If you want hydrotherapy to be Physio-led, you can book a hydrotherapy assessment – 30 mins in the clinic room for discussion & physical assessment, then 30 mins in the pool. Also, the Physio may recommend getting in the pool as part of your management at one of your land-based sessions – either an exercise programme can be set up which you can continue independently (in a private or mixed session) or the Physio can be with you in the pool each time.

We also run exercise classes in our hydrotherapy pool through the week, led primarily by our Sports rehab therapist. Check out our website for more details on these.

If access is an issue for you, our stairs getting into the pool are like those in a house, with a hand-rail, rather than the typical vertical ladders in swimming pools. We also have a very user-friendly chair hoist in & out of the pool. Our changing facilities are very spacious, with hand-rails & plenty of space for wheelchairs. In addition, there is parking for clients with disabilities right outside the practice.

So you can see there are lots of ways in which you can use our hydrotherapy pool. Aside from some medical reasons that restrict people using the pool (which will be screened at your first hydrotherapy session), our hydrotherapy pool is largely for everyone.

Contact Harbourside today on 01736 366224, visit our website or email & give hydrotherapy a go!

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