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Your Osteoarthritis recovery.

We know from our myth buster blog on Monday that surgery is not the only way to manage your OA

. In fact, it should typically be the last resort.

The 3 critical ingredients for OA recovery are increasing knowledge, increasing activity & decreasing inflammation. Together, they facilitate the enormous potential for change within all of us, called bioplasticity.

Just like making bread, you need all 3 ingredients, with a recipe for how to put them together. Flour & water just make glue, water & yeast make bad beer!

Increasing Knowledge can:

  • Enhance problem solving, goal setting & planning

  • Reduce your body’s stress response

  • Help improve your inflammation & activity

  • Allow you to pick the ideal activities to undertake

Increasing activity can:

  • Make you stronger, fitter & more agile

  • Reduce inflammation & help you lose weight

  • Help improve your knowledge & inflammation

  • Improve your gut microbiome

Decreasing inflammation can:

  • Help you move better & lose weight

  • Help you think more clearly & enhance your memory

  • Make your joints healthier

  • Enhance your body’s ability to change & adapt

  • Help improve your knowledge & activity

There are several ways in which you can increase your knowledge & activity, plus reduce your inflammation. There isn’t a ‘1 size fits all approach to the management of OA, or indeed physiotherapy in general. Following an in-depth initial assessment, we can develop bespoke rehabilitation & Management plans to help manage your OA.

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