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Cartilage Loves Exercise! 

Cartilage needs movement for improvement! Cartilage, like other tissues within our body, is bioplastic. This means it will continue to adapt throughout our life. Cartilage will keep repairing, and it has to brilliant ability to respond and adapt to the demands we place up on it. Despite no blood or nerve supply, cartilage gains most of the nutrients it requires through lubrication produced within the joint via repeated compression. Regular doses of compression, through walking or movement, is very good for our cartilage! 

3  facts about cartilage: 

  • Cartilage loves exercise and movement 

  • Our knees produce its own lubricant and compression helps! 

  • You are never too old to make new cartilage 


You can under- do cartilage exercise, in the same way you can over-do it. It important to find the ‘sweet zone’ of just the right amount of movement and exercise, in the right way to support the adaptation of cartilage.  


Want more advice on how to move and exercise with cartilage issues?  

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