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Do I need a scan if I have knee OA?

The common perception is that you need a scan to determine if you have OA (Osteoarthritis) in the knee. We hear this all the time. ‘I don’t want to do anything until I know what the problem is’

There are 2 aspects in responding to that statement.

Firstly, a thorough subjective & Physical assessment in Physiotherapy will give a very good indication of what the problem is.

Secondly, what do we do with the result of the scan & is the finding relevant to your clinical presentation? (link to ‘do I need a scan?’ blog)

Do you really want a knee replacement as the first line of treatment?

A review paper this year on the evaluation & treatment of knee pain does not recommend the use of radiographic imaging of all patients with possible knee OA. ‘First-line management of OA comprises exercise therapy, weight loss (if overweight), education & self-management programs to empower patients to better manage their condition. Surgical referral for knee joint replacement can be considered for patients with end-stage OA (i.e. no or minimal joint space with inability to cope with pain) after using all appropriate conservative options’

So if you are concerned about possible OA in your knee, book in to see us at Harbourside. We have so many options available to help you – hydrotherapy, specific exercises, general exercise advice & education, exercise classes in our rehabilitation gym & hydrotherapy pool.   

Call Harbourside today on 01736 366224 or email us at to find out more about the services we offer & to get booked in with one of our experienced team.

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