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Have you a Neurological diagnosis and feel that you are not making any improvements with your functional independence or feel you are deteriorating? Specialist Neurological Physiotherapy may be able to help

Initial Assessment

An informal and relaxed discussion will be had with your Specialist Physiotherapist who will collate as much information about you and how your Neurological condition is affecting you. A comprehensive physical assessment will then take place in order to establish what you would like to improve on and what effective treatment plans can then be implemented

Discussions will be had around tailoring you treatment to you being able to achieve your specific goals. The team will work with you with the aim of improving your quality of life and regaining functional independence as able

What does a physical assessment involve?

A physical neurological assessment will involve exploring the following with your Physiotherapist:

-assessing range of movement at all joints throughout your body

-assessing muscle strength including lower limb, upper limb trunk/posture and head control

-are you really stiff and unable to fully straighten a limb for example? Specialist assessment of spasticity will also be explored as part of your assessment

-assessing any sensory changes that may have occurred

-looking at your posture and how this can be improved

-exploration of pain and how this can be reduced and better managed

-assessment of coordination whether that’s upper limb or lower limb coordination

-explore your balance and reducing falls risks

-improving confidence

-looking at gait analysis (how you walk!)

-looking at cardiovascular fitness

-fatigue levels and discussions around strategies to combat fatigue

-cognition and how this affects you physically

The main aims of the initial assessment is for the Specialist Physiotherapist to learn about you and to find out what you want to work towards as well as completing a full and comprehensive physical neurological examination.

Call Harbourside today on 01736 366224 or email us at to book in with one of our Specialist Neurological Physiotherapists at Harbourside Physiotherapy today for an initial assessment and we can assess and work with you with the aim of making functional improvements and improving your overall quality of life.

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