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What Treatment do the MSK Physios do at Harbourside?

Following on from our myth buster post on Monday, this blog will explore what our MSK Physios actually do & expel the myth that we only prescribe generic exercises & don’t do manual therapy any more!

Physiotherapy assessments always start with a thorough subjective assessment (See previous blog post Here). Following this, we undertake a thorough physical assessment to hone in on a likely diagnosis. So then what? At Harbourside, treatment is bespoke to the individual needs of each client, based on the findings from assessment. Treatment will consist of a combination of manual therapy, specific exercise prescription, general exercise guidance, hydrotherapy & advice.

Manual therapy comprises ‘hands-on’ treatment techniques such as joint mobilisations & soft tissue massage techniques. This can often serve as a ‘kick-start’ to the recovery process, reducing the severity & sensitivity of symptoms to either fully resolve the problem or allow for exercise to be more beneficial in the longer-term. Targeted exercises are routinely advised based on the specific findings or deficits from the physical assessment. Such exercises can often work very well in conjunction with the manual therapy, but also in the longer term as deemed necessary.

Hydrotherapy is a widely used treatment modality at Harbourside. The warmth & buoyancy of the water enables people to move & exercise in ways that are not possible on land due to the severity & nature of the pain. This can be a short-term measure before land exercise becomes possible again or a longer-term option depending on the nature of the problem.

Physiotherapists are always encouraging general exercise as a means of maintaining improvements seen from manual therapy & targeted exercises. This can come in many forms, with no one exercise regime seen as the ‘gold standard’ for any particular problem. Whether it is swimming, running, cycling, rowing, Pilates, yoga, circuit training or anything else besides, the best exercise is the one that you are going to do, which often equates to the one that you enjoy without it aggravating any pain.

Harbourside also runs lots of exercise classes in the hydrotherapy pool & rehabilitation gym. This can either be short-term to resolve a particular issue or continued in the longer-term to prevent any recurrences or future problems.

Advice is a key aspect of Physiotherapy that often goes unrecognised as a form of treatment. Diagnosis, recognition of the problem, reassurance regarding prognosis & outcome, advice on ‘do’s & dont’s’ in the short & long-term to facilitate recovery are all key components of Physiotherapy treatment. We will also routinely liaise with GP’s regarding your case as necessary to ensure you are receiving the optimal level of treatment & care.

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